Founder & Creatrix of Inner Alchemy, Creatrix of Conscious Conception

Esther-Maria Lindner in her essence is a deeply compassionate wisdom keeper, and has shared her spiritual gifts and connectedness with clients, audiences and students internationally. She is deeply passionate and committed and shares the wisdom she gathered and channeled with immense sincerity and integrity. As confirmed by many astrologers, respected mediums and wise elders she holds a pure light through which she gains clear access to other worlds and channels straight from source.

When she is not holding ceremony or teaching about Inner Alchemy or Conscious Conception, she practices as a doula, practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy and Reiki Ji Kei Do Master. She has been apprenticed to a variety of Medicine Peoples and Shamans from various traditions and is deeply committed to the teachings and practices she received from them. Her conscious conception program, Inner Alchemy journey and applied birthwork is shaped by and unites all these foundations to reconnect her clients and students to the sacredness of conception, pregnancy, birth, and life itself.

Esther’s work recognises the power of these rites of passage to heal the Earth – one conception, one birth and one generation at the time.




Apara is a sanskrit word for placenta.

The placenta is the bearer of the blue print of our soul in this incarnation.  It holds the keys to why we are here and who we are.  It is the wisdom keeper.  It resembles a tree, and therefore represents the tree of life.  The tree of wisdom and knowledge.  Above as below.

It is also the protector and guardian of a child.  And its genetic and energetic twin.

The choice of a sanskrit meaning for placenta was simple.  The energy and frequency of sanskrit says that a single word is a thousand prayers.  Therefore the prayer of Apara multiplied.


The choice of BA behind Apara was not only for its meaning, but also to honour sacred teachings of the original peoples of the land and in this case Australia as this is where I am based, and the land that called me, sang to me, to make it my home.

The meaning of ba is that it is used as a suffix that roughly means ‘at the place of’.  It is found in various of the plentitude of different Australian Aboriginal languages. If it ends in ‘-dah /-da’ or ‘-bah /-ba’, it is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘place of’-