A blessingway ceremony is a gathering and honouring to mark a rite of passage that is sacred. Traditionally there are many forms of blessingway ceremonies from first tooth, to first moon, to loss of virginity, to pregnancy / birth, and naturally death. It marks great periods of transition and transformation.

The blessingway of a birthing mother, is a gathering of women in her life who will mark and reflect her support network. Here the ceremony is meant to energetically prepare the birthing woman for the transformational journey from maiden to mother. We gather to honour her, to shower her with our love and support, and each word spoken is positive and filled with love, joy, compassion and laughter. It is a place void of gossip or judgement or fear. We are basically showering the mother in love and acknowledgement for her life after birth will never be the same.

There are many different elements that we would bring to create the sacred space, honour, love and prepare the birthing mother to be.



A Closing of the Bones Ceremony is a very sacred Mayan tradition that has been practiced for centuries by traditional Mayan midwives.

Traditionally the Closing of the Bones Ceremony is held for the mother after she finished her bleed postnatally and before she re-enters society.  It is marking the time that the womb has returned to its original size and assissts the body, mind and spirit of the mother to come back together after the softening and opening she experienced in pregnancy and birth.  It is the last time that she is being mothered by her doula / birthworker.  Unconditionally cared for, supporting her in calling all of herself back into herself.  Sealing the energetic opening. Closing her bones.
Esther-Maria Lindner has received three different trainings and variations of this ceremony. She is honouring the traditional teachings and trusts that her interpretation is in deep reverence and respect of the traditions, the new mother and spirit. She is offering this ceremony to her birthing clients whom she supported as a doula marking the end of their passage, or as a seperate service that you can book.
The offering of closing of the bones ceremony requires a support person to mind baby for 1-2 hours, and includes a womb steam session prior the ceremony.
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