In November 2017 Esther-Maria Lindner brings the intensive Conscious Conception Program to the Findhorn Foundation.  


Here we will follow the medicine wheel and utilise simple, yet profoundly powerful practices and ceremony. There is no better place for the Conscious Conception Program as the Findhorn Foundation was created, conceived, gestated and birthed just like the journey you take through Conscious Conception, Pregnancy and Birth. A journey of establishing a connection to spirit and cultivating an ability to make space and listen to its guidance.

Our children are our future – through the act of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth we can change the world we live in, as we prepare the way for high frequency beings.

Conscious Conception and Conscious Pregnancy are multi-dimensional. Through the act of consciously conceiving our children by connecting with their souls pre-conception, and clearing our body, mind and spirit of toxicity, old patterning and emotions, we can bring a child to their full potential and birth high frequency beings. Naturally we need to become a conscious vessel and maintain that throughout the pregnancy by working on our emotional state, clearing any new emotions and trauma, while supporting our body, mind and spirit.

Conscious Birth discusses birth choices; creates peace on earth through non-violent birthing. Learn about your birth options, make clear decisions and plans, while surrendering to the flow of conception and birth as it unfolds.

This workshop is relevant for anyone who ever considers the conception journey, for anyone working in reproductive health.


What previous participants experienced:

“I had the most wonderful week. The workshop has been fantastic and I will take the wisdom I gathered back into my psychology practice.  It was absolutely magical.
We were discussing very personal topics. It was wonderful. 
I highly recommend this not only for professionals who work with clients around pregnancy and fertility issue but also for people to take this home for their personal journey.  Please do come and enjoy this beautiful workshop with Esther-Maria.”
“This week has been transformative for me. It’s been nothing to what I had anticipated.  Which was perfect. 
It touched some place in me that I didn’t realise was there and could have been touched. 
It was special that it was held at the Findhorn Foundation, as I felt very held. I felt like I had a place to process and share the emotional component of it. 
It was interesting because it ignited a lot of conversations that I don’t know if they would have happened anywhere else. People here were really curious about the workshop, which I really enjoyed.  It forced me to really own my experience. 
It was a pretty intense group process, but it was never overwhelming, because write from the beginning it was evident how safe the container was.  

For me i’ve understood whats come before, on a physiological, emotional, experiential level, what I mean is my ancestors, and I am able to own how that is cradling me in my life right now.  And that insight really illuminates where it is where I want to walk. Because I want to understand, and I understand what it is that moves me to react or think or navigate things in a certain way.  Its not that it soothes some existential crisis, but it has allowed me to come home to what it is that I am trying to create here.  
Trust your intuition if there is a curiosity to go to this.  There is information you wont find anywhere else and fiercely valuable information.”
Feedback from the feedback sheets:

Absolutely completely beautiful, can’t tell you how grateful we are!! So so helpful,[….], your amazing THANKYOU!!!

“Para mi es lo mas significando y mas profundo una verdadera ensenanza”   [translation: For me it is the most meaningful and deepest true teaching]

“It stunned me, inspired me, empowered me and brought me home to myself.” 

“I can apply and play with my new tools at every time and everywhere.”

“It exceeded my expectations”

“I did not expect the profound effects it had on my personal growth.”

“The depth of knowledge of Esther, her passion for conscious birth and conception is contagious. The personal shares, deep realizations, clearence of previous traumas”

Speaking about the highlights of the 7 Day Conscious Conception Program:

“How seamlessly the traditional wisdom Esther offered was composed into a curriculum.”

“The various rituals outside were magnificent.”