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The course is available as a self-paced online course via the Aparaba Teachable page or via the official Aparaba App.

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Are you ready to awaken your full potential?

We cannot change the world we live in, but we can change how we meet it. We cannot change other people, we can only start changing ourselves, to seek a new way forward for ourselves, to find your own authentic YOU.

Inner Alchemy is your Journey To Self.

Discover how to MASTER your Inner Potential.

Welcome to Inner Alchemy

Through the course of this program you’ll be taught how to gather the toolkit to help guide you along the pathway towards inner transformation. You’ll begin to rediscover your own personal power, your own inner divine nature, and your place amongst this sacred journey of life on this earth plane.

What’s included in the Inner Alchemy Self-Paced Learning Course?

This course includes:

  • Access to course via the Aparaba App, or

  • Access via the online Aparaba Teachable course 

  • 36 Video Tutorials

  • 19 Accompanying Audios

  • 40 x Weekly Contemplation Study Guide

  • Introduction to tools such as:

    – Ritual & Ceremony

    – Medicine Wheel

    – Chakra System

    – Frequency Healing

    – Spirit Journeys

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Perhaps you would like to embark on this new journey with a small intimate group online in Aparaba’s Premium Group Mentorship Program instead?

Discover the phenomenal power of doing this journey within the safe container of holding that your new found friends will be able to support you with along this journey of personal transformation.

HURRY, as the next Inner Alchemy Group Mentorship course commences on the 5th of March 2022.

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About The Inner Alchemy Courses

What is the course?
A 40 week online program to find yourself, ignite your inner fire & awaken your passion.

A journey of infinite possibility, infinite expansion, to awaken your full potential, based on your own choices.

A journey of empowerment transformation and manifestation.  A safe place to explore and manifest your purpose and fullness.

How is it offered?
The course is available in two formats.

1. Self-directed with or without private one-on-one sessions with me.
2. Held in a group with my personal mentorship as well.

What is the course structure?
It is designed in 2 segments. The first segment introduces you to ancient and modern spiritual tools. In the second segment called pathways you apply these tools in your exploration and manifestation of self and purpose.

Why would you be attracted or drawn to this course?
Because you feel deep inside there is something missing, something more to life but you just can’t quite grasp it. Because you might feel frozen in your life, or feel disconnected with your true self or purpose and are ready to bring that clarity to light. Because you are ready to press the go button for change in your life. Because in this current world of chaos you are hungry to claim sovereignty over your own mind, body, emotions & direction in life once more.

How would you describe Inner Alchemy?
Inner Alchemy uses ancient and modern tools, processes and energy transmissions to facilitate, discover, direct and embody. It is a process of manifestation. It allows you to remember your inner wisdom and guides you to all the spirits and wisdom that is inside of you wanting to be met and to help anchor you again.

What is the purpose of Inner Alchemy?

To MASTER yourself. This is achieved through a process of:

elf Discovery


It helps you to identify and guide you through processes of change for self, life and perspectives. It uses structures and concepts that are created to lead you on a pathway of reconnection with yourself and your inner authentic truth.

Making complex spiritual processes more practical for daily living, exploration, focus and growth.

What does it bring you?

Connection and harmony in your daily life. It gives you orientation through the vast cosmology of new age clutter. And gives you a step by step guide to focus your personal growth and unraveling of self, to live a purposeful life.

Inner Alchemy Intro Video

A Transformational Journey To Self

The Foundation Of Inner Alchemy

The word ‘Alchemy’ in itself describes the transformation of a combination of simple elements into gold.  It is a process of transformation.  As we are looking at Inner Alchemy we are re-connecting to the basic four elements that are inherent within us to lead us on this alchemic inner transformation.

The elements are:

Connect with your breath, air lifts you, it inflates your love & passions

Kindle & stoke your inner fire, your spirit, your life force

Embrace your inner flow, let go, water always finds its path

Ground yourself, earth nourishes our body, its our physical foundation

During this program we will also dive into the cyclical and seasonal nature of our human design. We will dance between the external and internal worlds and nature; slowly activating the energies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth within us to allow the magic of nature to return into balance within us.

This can be achieved through the simple processes that are connected to specific times of day, these will include small ceremonies, visualisation, meditation, contemplation, and so much more.

Develop & re-align your mind, body & spirit to the greatest resonance with spirit.
A small sample of these tools and pathways include:

Reconnecting With The 4 Elements Of Nature

Chakra Clearing & Energy Balancing 

Ceremony, Offerings & Prayers 

The Role Of The Four Seasons On All Of Us

Drumming, Music & Frequencies

Contemplative Journaling & Artwork


Who is Esther-Maria Lindner, your Inner Alchemy Coach?

I am the creatrix of Aparaba and the Inner Alchemy and Conscious Conception courses and content. I am also a Spiritual Mentor/Coach, Healer, Master of Ceremonies, Seer, Medium, Clairvoyant.

I have over 20 years of studies of many different fields within spiritual healing, earth medicine, traditional healing, ceremony, meditation and more, with two core pillars of training and practice. Spiritual Healing and Ceremony.

Within the pillar of spiritual healing I started my studies from age 15, and from age 22 begun a committed journey with Reiki Jin Kei Do, that saw me enter Mastery in 2009.

My ceremonial earth medicine studies commenced in 2002 with a celtic shaman who taught the techniques of the hollow bone and spirit journeying, in 2004 I had a in depth 6 month apprenticeship with an Andean Shaman (Juan Huanmai Alvarez) who came from a long lineage of medicine men, this is what has led me down my earth medicine and ceremonial pathway, void of hallucinogenic but entering the spirit realm through clear connections.

From 2006 I stepped into apprenticeship with a Sweatlodge keeper (Christine Gregg) who was traditionally trained in South Dakota by a long lineage of sweat lodge keepers and Sundance chiefs, and was 1/4 native American herself. I started holding sweat lodges from 2011 after receiving permission from the elders at Sundance in South Dakota in 2010.

In addition to my two core lineages within the earth medicine I have been instructed and guided by a mayan shaman in tobacco medicine as well as multiple studies and encounters with indigenous Australian and first nation Canadian wisdom keepers.


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