A Transformational Journey To Self


Gather The Toolkit & Walk The Path


Connect With Your Breath, Air Lifts You, It Inflates Your Love & Passions


Kindle & Stoke Your Inner Fire, Your Spirit, Your Life Force


Embrace Your Inner Flow, Let Go, Water Finds It's Path


Ground Yourself, Earth Nourishes Our Body, It's Our Physical Foundation


Look Beyond The Clouds, Your Galaxy Of Expansiveness Is Out There.


Bring Your Subconscious & Unconscious To The Surface


Trust That Within You Is The Ability To Build New Structures And To Grow


Birth yourself & nourish your emerged authentic self into your daily life


Welcome to Inner Alchemy

A Transformational Journey To Self

Through the course of this program you’ll be taught how to gather the toolkit to help guide you along the pathway towards inner transformation. You’ll begin to rediscover your own personal power, your own inner divine nature, and your place amongst this sacred journey of life on this earth plane.



Inner Alchemy Group Mentorship



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Self Study Courses

The Medicine Wheel Intro


Get a small taste of the full Inner Alchemy program through this short introduction to the Medicine Wheel for $88.

Available in the Aparaba App after purchase online.

Develop & re-align your mind, body & spirit to the greatest resonance with spirit.
A small sample of these tools and pathways include:

Reconnecting With The 4 Elements Of Nature

Chakra Clearing & Energy Balancing 

Ceremony, Offerings & Prayers 

The Role Of The Four Seasons On All Of Us

Drumming, Music & Frequencies

Contemplative Journaling & Artwork

Inner Alchemy
Introduction Video

How To Enroll In The Course

Purchase the course via the Aparaba Shop on the website and then download the Aparaba App on iOS or Android. Alternatively the course is also available online on Teachable.

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What is Inner Alchemy?

The word ‘Alchemy’ in itself describes the transformation of a combination of simple elements into gold.  It is a process of transformation.  As we are looking at Inner Alchemy we are re-connecting to the basic four elements that are inherent within us to lead us on this alchemic inner transformation.

Connect with your breath, air lifts you, it inflates your love & passions

Kindle & stoke your inner fire, your spirit, your life force

Embrace your inner flow, let go, water always finds its path

Ground yourself, earth nourishes our body, its our physical foundation

During this program we will also dive into the cyclical and seasonal nature of our human design. We will dance between the external and internal worlds and nature; slowly activating the energies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth within us to allow the magic of nature to return into balance within us.

This can be achieved through the simple processes that are connected to specific times of day, these will include small ceremonies, visualisation, meditation, contemplation, and so much more.

Connect To Your Higher Self

As we reconnect with these four elements through nature, ceremony, artwork, journaling, music/drumming, meditation and more we’ll begin the inner alchemic transformation journey. At the same time we’ll start to also connect to our higher selfs by exploring the following aspects a little deeper:

Look beyond the clouds, your own galaxy of expansiveness is out there

Bring your unconscious & subconscious to the surface

Trust that within you is the ability to build new structures & to grow 

Birth the NEW YOU & nourish your emerged authentic self into your daily life

Available on the Aparaba App and online at Teachable

Program FAQ


Ideally you allow 9 lunar cycles for this course content.  It is designed to allow 1-2 lunar cycles for the Toolkit section and recommended to take one lunar cycle per pathway section - which is comprised of 7 sections plus vision quest and integration.  If you dedicate within the pathway section 1 video per week and one element / direction per lunar cycle it will deeply assist the assimilation, activation and embodiment of the particular energy. 


As mentioned previously mentioned this coursework is an alchemical process and just like a good wine or cheese will take some time to age and integrate.  Just because you do a ceremony once or a contemplation once doesn't integrate the energy yet.  Yet when we can dedicate ourselves to engage with the energy, contemplation, and essence for a whole lunar cycle, we become the energy, or better yet the energy and part of us that we already are can become alive and empowered.  We access new levels of our consciousness and we can become the fuller self.


The course is available in different formats to suit your learning style and budget.  Inner Alchemy can be purchased as a stand alone, self-serve course work that you can do completely on your own with an option to join a Signal chat with others who are taking a journey in their own time.  However once a year this is also available as a group journey. 

This requires pre-registration and you will be notified of your space when the medicine lodge opens.  The group journey will go over 9 lunar cycles, with group zoom calls near full and new moons, it will only be open to limited participants each year who will receive 30min private sessions each lunar cycle and have a private chat space within Signal app.

Additionally participants of the live Inner Alchemy journey will have full access to the self-serve program via the phone app and are required to utilise it parallel to the live calls.  This is an intense, in-depth, mentorship journey, and requires full commitment to your own process and empowerment.


To be honest this journey and course work is very comprehensive and requires your full dedication if you really want to get the most out of it.  Naturally any other complementary therapies will support your process.  Whether you support this with Yoga, breathwork, EFT, natural medicines, vibrational essences, crystal healing, energy healing, sound healing, any forms of shamanism or meditation, any of your religious practices.

Each lunar cycle of the pathway section has recommendations of what would support the embodiment and process of that month.  For example you may wish to explore Shirodahra when you journey through Sky or you may wish to visit a silent retreat when journeying through the within, or if you have a local sweat lodge near by you may wish to participate monthly at a local sweat lodge.

If you have knowledge of yoga or qui gong or other conscious activities you could dedicate specific chakra / elelement aspects to your daily routine.  For example when you journey through air you choose yoga postures that open your heart and / or activate your shoulders and do pranayama. Or of you have knowledge of Qui Gong you may wish to support fire when you are in fire, water when journey through water etc.