APARABA | 40 Week Conscious Conception Course | Teachable


This 40 week journey is designed to empower you and create deeper connections to yourself, your partner, the spirit child and the sacredness of conception. By uncovering and healing any mental / emotional / spiritual blocks that sit within your chakra system, and utilise the manifestation power of the medicine wheel.

Over the course of 40 weeks we will utilise and unlock ancient wisdom for the holistic preparation for conception of a spirit child.

Once you have purchased and enrolled into the online program either on this site or directly on, you will gain access to the videos and worksheets within 48 hours.

The content is created in sections of lectures – Foundation (weeks 1-5), Air (weeks 6-11), Fire (weeks 12-20), Water (weeks 20-30), Earth (weeks 31-40), although we will give you access to the full course material from the start, we highly recommend you to follow the course outline of 40 weeks, to allow time for the processes to be integrated and to shift your energetics.  If you choose to do the 40 week journey in 40 days we highly recommend to book 4 private sessions with Esther-Maria Lindner to support the processes and assist you in the integration and deepening of the program.

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