APARABA | 40 Wk Conscious Conception Course | iOS APP


40 Week Conscious Conception Program on the Aparaba App. With a once of payment of $360 you receive a 10% discount.  If you wish to pay in $10 per week instalments over 40 weeks or wish to pay 8 month $50 per month we can arrange that.

Listen to & watch the Aparaba Conscious Conception content & meditative exercises on your mobile phone at any time, plus access additional bonus content which will be released over time.

Purchase the course first here below from the shop, then Download the Aparaba iOS App from the App Store below or simply search for “Aparaba” in the App Store

Install Aparaba iOS App
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How do I access / receive the content on the Aparaba App?

Once you have purchased and enrolled into the online program via you will gain access to the videos and worksheets within 48 hours, the content will be released and viewable on your app. You may need to log out and log back in again to view the content after it has been released.

The content is clustered in sections of lectures – Foundation (weeks 1-5), Air (weeks 6-11), Fire (weeks 12-20), Water (weeks 20-30), Earth (weeks 31-40), and you will gain full access to all the material.

The course and week material is designed to build upon each other and is important to have integration time periods especially if done as a standalone product.

For more information and to run through the FAQs please view here: