Inner Alchemy App & Self Study Course With Private Sessions


This course option gives the participant full access to the Inner Alchemy App along with private one-on-one mentoring sessions with Esther. This is also a limited numbers offering based on number of available private session times available across the year, so don’t miss out!

This package includes:

    • Full Access to the Inner Alchemy Course on the Aparaba App (iOS or Android)
    • App Includes: 36 Videos, 19 audios & meditations, written coursework plus course work PDF
    • 4x1hr one-on-one private sessions
    • Access to private Chat/Messaging on Signal
    • Recordings and playbacks from group and one-one calls
    • 30% Discount on Conscious Conception courses!

See below for further details about the actual course content that you will experience on this transformational journey.

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The word Alchemy in itself indicates the transformation of a combination of simple elements into gold. It is a process of transformation. As we are looking at inner alchemy, we are re-connecting to the basic four elements that are inherent within us – Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as well as the cyclical and seasonal nature of our human design.

As part of the Inner Alchemy ~ Journey to Self sessions we will dance between the external and internal worlds and nature; slowly activating the energies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth within us to allow the magic of nature to return into balance within us.

This can be achieved through the simple processes that are connected to specific times of day, and moon cycles, which will include small ceremonies, visualisation, meditation, contemplation, and so much more.

This is your opportunity to invest in your real inner transformation that has been calling you during these challenging times, it’s time to reconnect with your true path.

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