Inner Alchemy: Premium Group Mentorship


This is Aparaba’s Premium Package with limited spaces only. It is a small group 9 month Inner Alchemy mentorship journey which Esther will lead you on, as well as being part of the small group of participates from around the world which you will interact with and be on the journey together with too. You will also have access to the full Inner Alchemy online course or Aparaba App.

The next global Group Intake Registrations close on 10th June 2023 for a 18th June 2023 commencement. So be quick, register now as spaces are limited. 

This package includes:

    • 9 Month Online Mentorship Group
    • Small Group – limited numbers, participants from around the world.
    • Twice a month group 60-120min Zoom Call (18 group Zoom calls in total)
    • 1×45-60min one-on-one private session call per month
    • Access to our private Chat/Messaging Group on Signal
    • Recordings and playbacks from group and one-one calls
    • Full access to the self-serve online video and audio library of the Inner Alchemy teachable course or
    • Full access to the self-service Inner Alchemy course via the Aparaba App

Taking registrations now for commencing 18th June 2023.

Would you like to discuss alternative payment option, including Instalments over 6 months? Submit your enquiry further below or message me on the “Send Message” option on this page.

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Inner Alchemy – Journey to Self, by Esther-Maria Lindner, Copyright

The word Alchemy in itself indicates the transformation of a combination of simple elements into gold. It is a process of transformation. As we are looking at inner alchemy, we are re-connecting to the basic four elements that are inherent within us – Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as well as the cyclical and seasonal nature of our human design. As part of the Inner Alchemy ~ Journey to Self sessions we will dance between the external and internal worlds and nature; slowly activating the energies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth within us to allow the magic of nature to return into balance within us. This can be achieved through the simple processes that are connected to specific times of day, and moon cycles, which will include small ceremonies, visualisation, meditation, contemplation, and so much more. This particular small group mentorship journey will commence on the 18th June 2023 and is limited to a small intimate group of participants. This is your opportunity to invest in your real inner transformation that has been calling you during these challenging times, it’s time to reconnect with your true path. Please see below the group call schedule for 2023:

  • 18th June & 2nd July – Introduction to Schamanism, Inner Alchemy and the Tools to be used throughout the journey
  • 16th July & 30th July – Element Air & Heart Chakra
  • 13th August & 27th August – Element Fire & Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 10th September & 24th September – Element Water & Sacral Chakra
  • 8th October & 22nd October – Element Earth & Base Chakra
  • 12th November & 26th November – Above & Soul Star Connections
  • 10th December & 24th Dezember – Below & Shadow Work
  • 15th October & 29th October – Within
  • 7th Januar – preparation for Nature Sitting Day
  • 4th Februar – Birth Yourself

All one on ones will be booked ahead in time upon your registration with a level of flexibility closer to the time. Want to discuss other possible Payment Options? Sure, of course, feel free to email me your questions on the form below: