Introduction To The Medicine Wheel


The Introduction To The Medicine Wheel is more of a visceral journey through the four main elements of the Medicine Wheel.  The product is available via the app which you can download on the links below. Once you  have purchased this introduction the content will appear on your app within 24hrs.

In the app after your purchase of this introduction you will find the Introduction To The Medicine Wheel section at the bottom of the home navigation menu on the left. There you will find:

  • 1 x video with an introductory sharing on the wisdom of the medicine wheel
  • 4 x guided meditations through each of the main elements
  • Plus some contemplations to have a more experiential exploration of the medicine wheel.
This product is a guide and introduction to the medicine wheel and only scratches the surface of the depth of the Inner Alchemy Program. Nevertheless it will provide some energetic and visceral shifts.
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Medicine Wheel IntroIntroduction To The Medicine Wheel from Aparaba

Recommended Process:
I recommend you to do this product in 4s. After you explored the concept of the Medicine Wheel to dedicate 4 days to each of the elements. Spend 4 days in Air, doing the journey every day over those four days and continue the contemplations and observations over that time period, then do the same for Fire, Water and Earth. This way this little introduction can support some deeper healing and consciousness shifts.


Please Note:
If you have enjoyed this product and wish to explore either the Inner Alchemy Mentorship Program or the Self-Paced Program you will receive a credit of this product towards it.

May this powerful journey of the elements bring you new insights, transformation and a deeper understanding about yourself.

Before your purchase be sure to download the Aparaba App from the iOS or Google/Android Play stores links here (from your mobile phone):

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