The power of life and the power of creation is ALL within you.

Whether your current journey is for that of self transformation and rebirth to bring a new world into your life, or you’re on the sacred journey of conception and birth to bring a new life into your world, through this journey of inner alchemy together we’ll be calling in the new beginnings, calling in the breath of life, calling in a new inner cycle and rhythm, and most importantly, calling in all that you can be.

“As I attune to the spirits of nature, I attune to the totality of me”


I journeyed through the Inner Alchemy Toolkit with Esther and it completely shifted things for me! My life HAS changed since that fateful day 1 of Air in 2019 and I am so completely indebted to Esther for helping me get here. I am incredibly thankful for her wisdom, teachings and ability to teach me how to hold myself accountable and listen to my own inner wisdom. If you are ready to inject your life with the change you seek for yourself and envision yourself living in a whole new way – do it! Do this! Thank you, Esther! Thank you, for helping me to tap into my power and owning it!

Esther is one of the most amazing space holders I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I have experienced her guidance through the doorway of the Medicine Wheel and its four directions as well as attending solstice and equinox ceremonies. The energy that she brings through and holds for the group surpasses any that I have encountered before. Esther is such a Beacon of Light who has a profound and deep love for others, assisting them on their journey of deep discovery and release.
Thank you Esther.

Esther is one of the clearest seers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Humble, wise and incredibly passionate about leading people to experience their own brilliance and light.” Heidi DeWald Veraa, Founder of Sundara Ayurveda Retreat & Life in Balance Ayurveda

Working with Esther and receiving her support and guidance has been incredibly helpful. She represents the wise elder of a tribe to me, who shares her knowledge, wisdom and integrity in the most grounded, calm and clear way. She has helped me so much over the years. It is a joy and honour to know and learn from her.

Inner Alchemy
Introduction Video

Aparaba Programs & Services

Somewhere in our evolution the sacredness of life, nature, and ourselves has been lost. We are finding ourselves lost, disconnected and constantly searching, and in a disempowered place asking for everyone else to save us. Through the course work, workshops & personal sessions at Aparaba, you will begin to rediscover your own personal power, your own inner divine nature, and your place amongst this sacred journey of life on this earth plane.

The sacred journeys offered in the course work will off your tools and pathways for you to develop re-align your mind, body & spirit to the greatest resonance with spirit.

With Inner alchemy we are re-connecting to the basic four elements that are inherent within us – Air, Fire, Water and Earth – as well as the cyclical and seasonal nature of our human design. we will dance between the external and internal worlds and nature; slowly activating the energies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth within us to allow the magic of nature to return into balance within us.

The program is offered in three ways:

  1. Annual Mentorship Program (Limited Small Numbers)
  2. Online Self Guided with 4 Private Sessions
  3. Online Self Guided


Conception is our highest creative potential made manifest through the seed of love and intent. Discover more about the sacred journey of conscious conception and our 40 Week training course. This course is available in a couple of ways:

  1. The 40 Week Program Online: Study the entire 40 week program through the online Aparaba Teachable Course.
  2. The Aparaba iOS App (Android soon): View all of the 40 week program on the go anywhere at any time by downloading the Aparaba App!


Esther-Maria Lindner is available to conduct and hold sacred space for you and or your group.  Every ceremony is customised and attuned to the participants individual requirements.
Here are examples of ceremonies that Esther-Maria Lindner has been well known to hold:
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Rites of passage including mother blessing, becoming of a woman,
  • Memorial ceremonies,
  • Naming ceremonies
  • Healing & transformation ceremonies such as closing of bones, sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Separation ceremonies
  • Birthday Ceremonies – entering a new decade


As part of the Inner Alchemy program, Esther-Maria has launched a great new guided meditation series that will take you on a journey with your inner self, attuning to the magic of the medicine wheel & nature around us, plus the alchemical processes within across Air, Fire, Water, Earth, The Above & The Below.

These full meditations can be purchased separately from the full course work


Contact Esther-Maria if you would like to enquire about one-on-one sessions as well as for tarot readings.


Esther-Maria Lindner is one of the specialist practitioners at Sundara Retreat up in the Noosa Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Sundara is an Ayurveda Retreat Centre set on an energised 75-acres of koala habitat land where they offer exclusive 3 and 5 day programs, where you will be their only guest. This is a personal service, with a personalised program created for YOU.


Available on the Aparaba App and online at Teachable

About Esther-Maria Lindner

Esther-Maria Lindner in her essence is a deeply compassionate wisdom keeper, and has shared her spiritual gifts and connectedness with clients, audiences and students internationally.  She is deeply passionate and committed and shares the wisdom she gathered and channeled with immense sincerity and integrity. As confirmed by many astrologers, respected mediums and wise elders she holds a pure light.

Esther-Maria started her spiritual and healing journey very young due to the health challenges faced by her mother.  She started studying the healing arts from the age of 15, and consciously chose a deep pathway of learning and apprenticeships by the age of 22.  Over the past 20 years she has been apprenticed to different medicine peoples and shamans from various traditions, has studied various healing modalities, and practiced the healing arts, ceremony and worked as a spirit communicator with children, adults and animals alike.  Through her own conscious journey towards self-mastery Esther-Maria cannot be boxed into singular therapies, but she has integrated and become her practices, which becomes evident when working with her.

Her 20+ years building on her own self mastery has lead to her current foundations of Inner Alchemy & Conscious Conception being her core focus right now. However her background as a birth Doula, a practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy, being a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master for the past 10 years, plus her many years of holding ceremony and sacred space have all contributed greatly to her wider body of work now.

She has become the bridge between ancient wisdom and new consciousness, the bridge between spirit and you, the bridge between ancient wisdom and the new consciousness, the bridge for this old wisdom to find new ways of practice for embodiment.

As Featured & Interviewed On BondiFM Radio